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2006 art's anniversary  

art's anniversary
concept by Milós Vojtechovsky     print
tuesday january 17, 2006
streaming connections worldwide
PLACES/ANAGRAMa radio performance to be carried out in the framework of:

Art's Birthday . Net - an annual exchange-art event celebrated on January 17th by a loose collection of artists and artist organizations around the world.

„I don't know if I have nothing to say, I know that I don't say anything; I don't know if what I would have to say isn't said because it is unsayable (the unsayable isn't woven into the writing, it is what has long ago brought it forth); I know that what I say is blank, neutral, a sign once and for all of an annihilation once and for all.…

Je ne sais pas si je n'ai rien à dire, je sais que je ne dis rien; je ne sais pas si ce que j'aurais à dire n'est pas dit parce qu'il est l'indicible (l'indicible n'est pas tapi dans l'écriture, il est ce qui l'a bien avant déclenché); je sais que ce que je dis est blanc, est neutre, est signe une fois pour toutes d'un anéantissement une fois pour toutes.

Georges Perec, Wou le souvenir d'enfance

In 1912 the cosmopolite and literate advanturist Blaise Cendrars stranded for a while in Manhattan on his journey from Manchuria. He wrote there in a cheap hotel a poem „Les Pâques à New York - Easter in New York“. It compiles his impression from the turmoil and babylonian sound of the megapolis where every moment streams of immigrants from multitude of nationalities, speaking with multitude languages were arriving.

Cendrars was a man of action, avoided "literary" flavor in his prose, and a man of contemplation, who had almost obsessive need for exotic experiences.

More then half century later, in 1969 the french writer and member of the Workshop of Potential Literature OULIPO Georges Perec began to work on his Lieux (Places).
The text consisted of descriptions of twelve places in Paris, carried out every year for twelve years, once on the spot and once from memory.

Perec left Paris rather seldom and spent most of his life there.

His text was left abandoned half-finished in 1975, but double issue of AA files contains four of the partially completed "on the spot" stories, "Scene in Italie", "Glances at Gaîté", "Comings and Goings in rue de l'Assomption", and "Stances on Mabilon".

Texts seems to be unpolished, and in their attention to the mundane and "infra-ordinary" sometimes banal, but they offer a fascinating window on the changing face of Paris and provoking approaches to observation, description, and memory.

The collaborative chant - radio play is based on very simple scheme of a game.

The main and only carrier of the message is the human voice and the channel is the Internet network - an immaterial medium within the spoken names and words are drifting and slowly dissapearing in echo.

The art and community radio´s around the globe would join during the set time schedule for the broadcast radio play.
The estimated time for stream in about 15 minutes, a text spoken by male or female voice, (voices of children are welcome as well it depends of the local time).

Non profesional voices are most welcome.

The audio files and streams are re-broadcasted and mixed, compiled and re-joined with new and new voices and names.

the chain of syllabus is woven around the globe as shared and continuous song or orison.

The spoken text can be related to:

1. texts from recipe books for the most common meal in local cousine in english, russian, japanese, german, czech, slovak, serbian, croatian, ukrainian, malaisian.. preview.rosettaproject.org/
2. names of poeple who died last day in your town, village..
3. names of children born in the last day in the town, village
4. names if streets(lakes) in your direct neighbourhood, forrest,
5. names of citizens who´s name starts with P from the local telephone book
6. names of herbs (or trees) in the local language
7. names of films broadcested this day in your town, village
8. anything else which is related to the concrete location and consists of enumerations

but does not praise
Holy Spirit
Mao c Tung
Bill Gates
Ben Ladin
other idols

The final result of the asemblage of voices speaking in different languages and with different accents names, will be defined regarding the place and time where and when the listener will hear the momentum of the chant. Same time the name of a place and time will be pointless and the conotation to real toponym will dissappear.
It is recommanded to archive the local broadcast and later to collect all recordings in one site and possibly compare them.

Inspiration sources:
The radioplay PLACES/ANAGRAM is related to the patterns of structure and architecture in a wide sence of the word:

it includes not as polarity:
chance control
numbers vowels symbols
algoritm poetry
repetition aleatory
death birth
place nonplace
time and time

The broadcast is scheduled for January 17 2006.



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