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transmutation (language)  

process the virtual distillation by cooking food into nice physical language
dusan b.     print
however we integrate it both virtually and physically and then today how we work around i still is it going to be visually or both things both so symbolic language would you then work on distillating process with her which and how to manifest it yeah ok all the symbols could be the basis of the database and how we tune it into dusan is thinking develop the symbolic language both physical and the virtual environment and then peter would work on distillating idea how to manifest it which will have the loop i was just thinking neural network but one brain cell from you and tchh that means that you abstract so rebecca to have these various points what about if would you be able to work on that idea what i thought i would like to work with vision and distillation it's just that we have certain people who would be responsible for it i would like to keep the track of it these points and try to research how many let's say we have four or five how should we call this so this is the lab top tub tub t u b we call it tubs how many are visible how many and if you could define at least with motion sensors so that you define the details of that and then you work with her to figure out how flexible those are they look and this would mean that you would visualize a little bit how this whole and i would work with you and then can i have one question what you said yesterday about durer and these things these kind of things how the artist actually certain places in certain system i would like to show this system enlightenment enlighten in his vision to see actually what and vision i dont know if it's possible annemie you said contribute with sound well i'm i just have to see i am thinking i would like to discuss this with gert i would like to concentrate on the physical thing with another artist i would like to see this living amsterdam he's doing physical computing we gert and i we will see to build out this whole thing already now with him it's virtual sound sources adapt in simple way put on this physical installation people we can ever work with symbolic language did you not say that you are working we were talking about miniaturization of images do you think it would and talk to rebecca about it if it doesnt work then it doesnt work i think you talked about it about chemical process in photography it is interesting maybe it is too far maybe complicated because of the material it will always stop until we have the image as far as i know how can it needs somebody everytime to restart this chemical process if you do that virtual you have the image and then it burns out maybe it could maybe the result of the measurement of the sensors yeah the chemicals i am afraid it is not like real it is virtual chemical process and then you could use you generate that process inside virtual environment by a physical presence and it all happens on the web distillation is actually the separation of the materials separate and then enrich them and in the process of the enrichement and it becomes the distillation also come back to the original ok it can happen otherwise you dont have result because i havent been so im just listening based on what you heard it is very nice to say im just here to cook what you have to say at the beginning in the process of the alcohol you shouldnt with the glass distillating on the side for you for example i am very much interested in the symbols for example i can make a food i can make food that looks like this or has a meaning like this or you can transform metaphorically then another thing because we have been talking something visual bit of food miniature it has to be it's filmed and miniature cooking for example that might be nice for one of the can you think about that projected in the space maybe her food can be processed at the same time maybe she will be in another place so that you have the do you think this is possible for you doing collaborating and also everything is possible for me because cooking is very practical for me i can adjust to that practically i have an idea about this we say we have the big bowl or something we have about footage in such a way it can switch dinner or whatever or preparing you have the live process whenever you are finished with that you have the mechanism maybe you can produce as well that would be very nice can you think about that because that would be very nice what king of food vegetarian with the good piece of meat have to eat also i just want to know from you if it is possible even if it is for twenty or thirty people but you know it could be very nice interesting way to project it into something and capture it capture it live capture her movement again practically we reduced it into three days wednesday thursday friday so but i will explain this to you later each day this will be the central setup for everything how you are planning the highlights in the evenings i plan to start at little demonstrations and so on and then have a performance in the meantime we can eat practically eat because everybody will be there so twice a day ok because my kids i just have the summary ok please so we arrived at some place so this means are working on the distillating process and how to make that how to integrate into distillating loop and what sort of process and how it can be realised central thing and we will have these tops alchemy labs and thats the detail rebecca and i will work on overall of this tops and we know for sure and one of them cooking process and have it either live or virtual and shelly and lisa cooking and the video part lorie language part annemie sound and the language part and this is little clearer for me can you send this let's put it on the website put everything together even if you like to put the things on the website that are not public you can hide them then you have to put the little when you logged in and other people ok i will have to go will you be around tomorrow for short time ok so but then it's now i think better clearer we can go i dont if we do something annemie i sent to you i will put it online like junior who is yeah everything is going to put under transmutation everything you want to share put under transmutation cooking of images and processing and other things and then what time so now it's tomorrow eleven to the lunch one thirty i would start now you can do anything now that around five o'clock i'll come to everyone i'll see what you're doing and document it on the website going from the idea from the things you're doing that you can do it or in combination with one another there are some ideas based on the symbols how to split out the images how processes are working we were talking with junior and yeah so i would now make junior he's in space flying away we agreed which is based he wants to do something motion tracking images and sensors representations of thing and secondly whole convolution thing distillating is components within or products or something enriching it enrichement process which is harmonization heating up the materials it has to become it will become stable thinking about another curve another envelope transition which is happening the heating it becomes stable constant as harmonization for the this is important thing how can we generate something which is more worth sonification and visualization of it ok



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