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thursday may 10, 2007
the internet
[12:09:32] * Matt Rogalsky added Daniel Halford, henryforhenry1, kottos to this chat
[12:09:42] Matt Rogalsky says: hello Daniel, Phillip and Jason!
[12:10:04] Daniel Halford says: hello y'all
[12:10:03] henryforhenry1 says: good moring all
[12:10:05] kottos says: Hi!
[12:12:59] Daniel Halford says: ah ha, Jason from UEA - I am having problems connecting to your stream - it just buffers for ever
[12:13:20] Jason Dixon says: Ok, I'll reset the stream
[12:13:27] Daniel Halford says: ta
[12:15:59] P Schulze says: kristi already there?
[12:17:08] Jason Dixon says: ok Dan, how's that?
[12:17:15] Matt Rogalsky says: kristi is not online yet
[12:17:16] annemie maes says: hi everybody!
[12:17:25] annemie maes says: we're setting up in brussels,
[12:17:32] annemie maes says: just checking matt's stream now
[12:17:47] * Matt Rogalsky added xgz-4u to this chat
[12:17:50] Daniel Halford says: still just buffering - what bit rate are you using? same as yesterday?
[12:17:53] Matt Rogalsky says: hi Guy!
[12:18:09] Jason Dixon says: Yeah, that's odd, I'm getting no problems
[12:18:10] Matt Rogalsky says: xgz is Bratislava
[12:18:11] annemie maes says: hello
[12:18:19] Daniel Halford says: hmmm
[12:18:26] Jason Dixon says: I'll try a lower bit rate
[12:18:29] Matt Rogalsky says: hello Annemie!
[12:18:33] Matt Rogalsky says: welcome
[12:18:41] xgz c!k says: hi everyone
[12:18:55] Daniel Halford says: hi
[12:19:14] xgz c!k says: ahojte
[12:19:45] Matt Rogalsky says: Jason is your URL the same as yesterday? Let me try...
[12:19:57] Daniel Halford says: oh, got a short blast just then and now nothing
[12:20:12] Daniel Halford says: I am using jdixonlinux.mus.uea.ac.uk:8000/lucier.m3u
[12:20:12] Jason Dixon says: It's the same as before
[12:20:29] xgz c!k says: annemie _ when will your stream be up? I need like 10 mins...
[12:20:37] Matt Rogalsky says: Jason -- I have no trouble receiving UEA's stream
[12:20:53] Daniel Halford says: oh
[12:21:29] Daniel Halford says: working fine for me too now... how odd
[12:21:42] Jason Dixon says: very strange!
[12:21:46] P Schulze says: could someone drag me into the chat<: djensenius
[12:21:46] Matt Rogalsky says: well working is working!
[12:21:56] Daniel Halford says: true (and good)
[12:22:46] * Matt Rogalsky added djensenius to this chat
[12:23:03] Matt Rogalsky says: David!
[12:23:17] djensenius says:
[12:23:21] djensenius says: i am here and awake!
[12:23:26] djensenius says: and broadcasting, i swear it!
[12:23:30] P Schulze says: took a long time though
[12:23:51] djensenius says: sorry everyone
[12:25:08] djensenius says: are you receiving?
[12:25:16] Matt Rogalsky says: yes I hear you wesleyan!
[12:25:27] Matt Rogalsky says: that good old WMH room tone
[12:25:57] Matt Rogalsky says: I will disconnect now however
[12:26:35] xgz c!k says: so my stream is up stream.okno.be:8000/bratislava.m3u
[12:26:47] xgz c!k says: now waiting for input stream from brussels
[12:26:54] Matt Rogalsky says: i'll try that xgz
[12:26:57] djensenius says: ok, i will stop and restart in order to record our stream
[12:27:13] xgz c!k says: and is the next from canada here too?
[12:27:39] xgz c!k says: you will only hear ambience - someone across the street is playing scales on a tuba hihi
[12:28:08] Matt Rogalsky says: I hear the tuba
[12:28:28] Matt Rogalsky says: now I will disconnect
[12:28:40] xgz c!k says: ok
[12:29:11] Jason Dixon says: I need coffee.... back in a minute....
[12:29:30] djensenius says: where is the tickbox to record a local copy?
[12:29:38] xgz c!k says: good idea _ send one over no milk no sugar
[12:32:05] Matt Rogalsky says: for nicecast: under "Control" menu "Start Archiving"
[12:32:18] Matt Rogalsky says: but you may want to record separately
[12:32:33] Matt Rogalsky says: if you have the option
[12:32:35] P Schulze says: can i connect with the person before kristi? to test
[12:32:47] P Schulze says: or is she online?
[12:33:09] xgz c!k says: so connected with brussels
[12:33:27] P Schulze says: what is the ip?
[12:33:31] P Schulze says: the link
[12:33:41] xgz c!k says: stream.okno.be:8000/transnational-brussels.m3u
[12:34:05] P Schulze says: works
[12:34:13] P Schulze says: (y)
[12:34:17] xgz c!k says: ok
[12:34:18] djensenius says: can you get us? should we be loudre?
[12:34:34] xgz c!k says: my url is stream.okno.be:8000/bratislava.m3u
[12:34:36] annemie maes says: dan, are you on?
[12:34:47] Daniel Halford says: I am indeed
[12:35:02] Daniel Halford says: you will hear some students singing...
[12:35:05] Daniel Halford says: sorry
[12:35:12] annemie maes says: ok, set up now!
[12:35:52] Daniel Halford says: I see you...
[12:36:18] annemie maes says: ok. nice song. is stevie there too?
[12:36:30] Daniel Halford says: here he is now
[12:36:40] Daniel Halford says: oh la la la...
[12:36:40] P Schulze says: kinda distorted
[12:36:41] annemie maes says: i'm streaming it through our 3 rooms in brussels!
[12:36:51] xgz c!k says: annemie is the signal distorted from your side?
[12:36:55] Daniel Halford says: nice
[12:37:24] Daniel Halford says: hello second listener
[12:37:24] annemie maes says: it's very loud! compared to other streams
[12:37:27] Matt Rogalsky says: 3 rooms! you get a special prize, later on
[12:37:37] Matt Rogalsky says: by the way I need you all to send me a postal address
[12:37:41] annemie maes says: we'll send you the pics immediately
[12:37:52] annemie maes says: 1 room = the bathroom
[12:37:53] Matt Rogalsky says: great -- want to see pics!
[12:38:22] xgz c!k says: ah got it all wrong thought we only wanted to do non-physical rooms on internet...
[12:38:48] xgz c!k says: we will never find alejandra's ghosts in the internet that way
[12:38:50] Matt Rogalsky says: guy did you read all the stuff I sent?!! (think)
[12:38:54] xgz c!k says: sure sure
[12:38:59] xgz c!k says: just joking
[12:39:12] Matt Rogalsky says: ha ha ha!
[12:39:30] * Matt Rogalsky added queensuems to this chat
[12:39:34] Matt Rogalsky says: hello Kristi!
[12:39:41] Daniel Halford says: I find the internet to be very reverberant
[12:39:43] Matt Rogalsky says: good morning -- pretty early for you
[12:39:51] djensenius says: kristi!!
[12:39:51] Matt Rogalsky says: but not as early as for my brother Ben in Vancouver
[12:40:00] Matt Rogalsky says: who it appears is still asleep
[12:40:36] annemie maes says: it's matinee time here, my favorite music time, guy
[12:41:12] xgz c!k says: hi kristi can you pick up my stream? stream.okno.be:8000/bratislava.m3u
[12:41:16] djensenius says: taking pics at the good ole world music hall too
[12:41:19] annemie maes says: and alvin would love the choral work from dan
[12:41:30] Matt Rogalsky says: kristi sent me a message saying she was getting you, bratislava
[12:41:54] xgz c!k says: ok ok _
[12:42:05] Matt Rogalsky says: she should be on here any minute now
[12:42:10] Jason Dixon says: so, who is singing "Isn't she lovely"?
[12:42:19] P Schulze says: krisit your stream is not set up or?
[12:43:48] Daniel Halford says: sadly that is a group of UH students
[12:44:23] Jason Dixon says: Ah!
[12:44:50] Jason Dixon says: Any sign of Martin from Glasgow?
[12:44:50] EMS Queen's University says: hi i found it...sorry about all the typos .. not awake yet...
[12:45:22] Daniel Halford says: I intend to throw them out in due course
[12:45:46] EMS Queen's University says: hi im now broadcasting...
[12:45:55] djensenius says: annemie mess: is that anne welmer?
[12:45:58] Hicham says: Matt,
[12:46:24] Hicham says: We are on, we are taking the stream form vancouver instead from australia
[12:46:27] xgz c!k says: haha no annemie mess is annemie maes, where is anne btw
[12:46:50] djensenius says: ahh, good times... i like it when things make total sense :)
[12:46:53] * Matt Rogalsky added wilmaear to this chat
[12:46:54] * anne wellmer is using a version of Skype which doesn't support chats and cannot join
[12:46:57] Matt Rogalsky says: hi anne
[12:47:05] Matt Rogalsky says: I don't want to do voice right now
[12:47:13] Matt Rogalsky says: oh crap sorry everyone
[12:47:28] Matt Rogalsky says: anne can't do the chat
[12:47:43] P Schulze says: update!
[12:47:58] xgz c!k says: I tried to skype her and I got: Other party's Skype does not support chat with multiple people ... isn't that 100% anne? hihi
[12:48:21] Matt Rogalsky says: perth australia is now online!
[12:48:29] Matt Rogalsky says: I am hearing vancouver via perth
[12:48:35] Matt Rogalsky says: check the tech page for their URL
[12:49:09] xgz c!k says: hey annemie your stream is sooooooo distorted
[12:49:57] xgz c!k says: that is better but you are sending in at a too high level
[12:50:05] xgz c!k says: are you reading the chat annemie?
[12:50:11] * Matt Rogalsky added metaphonica1 to this chat
[12:50:17] Matt Rogalsky says: hello Cat Hope in Perth!
[12:50:39] EMS Queen's University says: okay much better here too ... less distortion, but I still only have one channel (right hand side)
[12:50:59] cat hope says: hi all, Cat Hope from Perth
[12:51:19] xgz c!k says: please test without distortion it is hard to figure out where it comes from otherwise
[12:51:20] cat hope says: let me just get something straight - are we going to aire in1 hours time? I have a horrible feeling there is some time confusion here...
[12:51:22] EMS Queen's University says: hi Cat!
[12:51:41] xgz c!k says: I think we are starting in exactly 13 minutes hihi
[12:51:59] Daniel Halford says: I agree
[12:52:13] cat hope says: ok phew i just got a feeling it was in 24 hours.
[12:52:17] Matt Rogalsky says: I hate to say it but we are not on for another 1:15
[12:52:32] Matt Rogalsky says: is that a problem for anyone?
[12:52:37] Daniel Halford says: oh
[12:52:39] Daniel Halford says: ok
[12:52:41] xgz c!k says: no not really
[12:52:42] P Schulze says: ?
[12:52:42] Matt Rogalsky says: we are on at local time 1400 here
[12:52:47] Matt Rogalsky says: which is 1300 UTC
[12:52:52] P Schulze says: realy?
[12:52:53] Daniel Halford says: ah ha
[12:52:55] P Schulze says: haha
[12:52:57] xgz c!k says: I thought so too but then annemie mailed me that it would be now hahaha
[12:52:58] P Schulze says: that weird
[12:53:11] djensenius says: yeah, we talked about it at the bar last night
[12:53:12] P Schulze says: we thought too
[12:53:15] annemie maes says: hehe we were takin' some pics
[12:53:33] xgz c!k says: hey annemie do you follow the chat?
[12:53:44] annemie maes says: well, back now
[12:53:49] Matt Rogalsky says: I hope I am not completely mistaken -- I have had confusion over timezones before
[12:53:53] xgz c!k says: you know it is only on at 1500 brussels and bratislava time?
[12:53:56] Matt Rogalsky says: but I think I worked this one out.
[12:54:08] xgz c!k says: now it is soon 2pm
[12:54:13] djensenius says: if it's really not for an hour, wesleyan could use some onuts and coffee
[12:54:34] cat hope says: thats right - but a test starts in 10 mins right
[12:54:38] xgz c!k says: so we are starting in an hour? that is here and there in both our timezones 3pm
[12:54:44] annemie maes says: what? i thought it was from 2pm till 3pm CET
[12:55:11] cat hope says: Please tell me - in how many hours or minutes is the performacne.
[12:55:17] Jason Dixon says: I love transcontinental events!
[12:55:19] annemie maes says: we are starting in 9 minutes
[12:55:26] xgz c!k says: noooooooooooooo
[12:55:34] cat hope says: !!*&^$&*E@(
[12:55:34] Matt Rogalsky says: all the "advertising" has said 1300-1400 UTC
[12:55:36] xgz c!k says: hey read the chat mss mess
[12:55:50] Matt Rogalsky says: cat... you have another hour
[12:55:51] annemie maes says: how many hours difference is there between edinburgh and brussels
[12:55:56] cat hope says: OK matt are you on here?
[12:56:06] Matt Rogalsky says: one hour difference between edinburgh and brussels
[12:56:10] xgz c!k says: come on annemie believe me it is only in 1.09 mins
[12:56:13] Matt Rogalsky says: but edinburgh is UTC+1
[12:56:13] annemie maes says: tell clearly when we start
[12:56:22] cat hope says: if we are all chatting in real time then it is more useful to talk in terms of how far from now- when does it start MATT
[12:56:23] annemie maes says: in some minutes or in an hour
[12:56:25] xgz c!k says: and anne is downloading a new version of skype hihi
[12:56:38] xgz c!k says: in an hour annemie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[12:56:43] Matt Rogalsky says: WE START IN ONE HOUR AND 8 MINUTES
[12:56:49] cat hope says: phew
[12:57:04] annemie maes says: ok.
[12:57:04] Daniel Halford says: www.worldtimeserver.com/current_time_in_UTC.aspx
[12:57:17] Matt Rogalsky says: I'm sorry for any confusion and I hope this doesn't mean anyone has to leave the party
[12:57:44] xgz c!k says: no no _ can get a haircut across the street meantime _ kadernictvo simona
[12:57:54] Matt Rogalsky says: can you get one for me too guy?
[12:57:57] EMS Queen's University says: matt, okay if I leave for about 15 minutes to grab a coffee? I'll definitely be here for the start (9 am my time)......
[12:58:07] Matt Rogalsky says: hi Kristi -- no problem, see you soon
[12:58:39] xgz c!k says: how do you want it: real slovak style? maybe a blond dye with black meshes would fit?
[12:58:51] Matt Rogalsky says: double cream, no sugar
[12:58:58] cat hope says: ok i have had to move from the University to someones house as we didnt make it through the firewall in the end....too long and boring a story...
[12:59:03] xgz c!k says: black _ I like COFFEE
[12:59:11] Matt Rogalsky says: CAT - I am sooo glad you made it!
[12:59:15] cat hope says: so i am here with 4 Music Technology students. Phew
[12:59:27] cat hope says: ok i think i will send one of the down to the pub for beers.
[12:59:41] Jason Dixon says: Matt, Simon is here with me now
[13:00:03] Matt Rogalsky says: Hi Simon!
[13:00:32] Hicham says: Matt, could you add Jan :Skupe name ctrl-t
[13:01:17] * Matt Rogalsky added ctrl-t to this chat
[13:01:19] xgz c!k says: I am going to make some telephone calls to kill time, drinking a nice local rinzky (rizling)
[13:01:21] Matt Rogalsky says: Hello Jan!
[13:02:09] Matt Rogalsky says: UEA, do you want to disconnect from my stream? I see you are enjoying my room tone
[13:02:30] Jason Dixon says: ok
[13:02:31] Daniel Halford says: So are we - via UEA
[13:02:33] Jason Dixon says: done!
[13:02:42] cat hope says: Ia Hicham on line? I really need to talk to him, make sure he is getting our stream
[13:02:48] Jan Trutzschler says: hi Matt & all other from tag ..
[13:02:59] Matt Rogalsky says: Hicham should be online now
[13:03:01] Jan Trutzschler says: stream is ok in tag
[13:03:20] Jason Dixon says: have some percy grainger instead
[13:03:29] Matt Rogalsky says: I got an email saying he was putting Perth through... time to check the final URL
[13:03:35] cat hope says: ha ha i prefer EMU Bitter
[13:03:41] Daniel Halford says: thank you
[13:04:58] Jan Trutzschler says: just a side not: the link on the project page to tag's stream is not correct: text is ok but it links to mrogalsky.web.wesleyan.edu/transnational/%20http://giss.tv:8000/transnational.mp3
[13:05:22] P Schulze says: no birds toll now - some singing though
[13:05:22] Matt Rogalsky says: ok I check -- thank you
[13:06:04] cat hope says: Hi Jan - are you the one listening to Perth, Australia?
[13:06:09] Hicham says: cat, i am getting your stream, it's up now
[13:06:21] cat hope says: great. are you getting voices?
[13:06:31] xgz c!k says: one question matt what is the final listening stream?
[13:06:36] xgz c!k says: and the original one?
[13:07:09] annemie maes says: hey dan, nice songs!
[13:07:10] Matt Rogalsky says: The final one is linked from the website: mrogalsky.net/transnational
[13:07:22] annemie maes says: a welcome change from the usual noise at okno :)
[13:07:27] Matt Rogalsky says: but apparently the link needs fixing
[13:08:04] xgz c!k says: well it says that I can listen to it with giss.tv:8000/transnational.mp3
[13:08:18] xgz c!k says: but that is not a streaming file... is it a mistake
[13:08:26] Matt Rogalsky says: Jan, what page has the bad link?
[13:08:47] xgz c!k says: so it shouldn't be: giss.tv:8000/transnational.m3u?
[13:08:59] xgz c!k says: or something?
[13:09:04] Matt Rogalsky says: yes xgz that is correct!
[13:09:15] Matt Rogalsky says: oh no... it is
[13:09:25] Matt Rogalsky says: giss.tv:8000/transnational.mp3
[13:10:23] Daniel Halford says: annemie, thank jason at UEA for the songs - we have added only room tone and reverb
[13:10:26] cat hope says: so TAG - are you getting Perth?
[13:10:37] Hicham says: yes we are
[13:10:43] Matt Rogalsky says: Jan -- I can't find the bad link on my website
[13:10:51] Matt Rogalsky says: Hicham! Hello!
[13:11:17] Hicham says: hello
[13:11:31] Matt Rogalsky says: Hi Hicham, I can hear the final stream coming from you now.
[13:11:36] Hicham says: super
[13:11:37] Matt Rogalsky says: So WE ARE ALL WORKING -- I think
[13:11:42] cat hope says: hi Hicham!!!
[13:11:44] xgz c!k says: hicham! here guy how are you
[13:11:46] Matt Rogalsky says: Where's my brother Ben?
[13:11:47] Hicham says: hi cat
[13:12:16] annemie maes says: can you confirm the final stream address?
[13:12:21] annemie maes says: matt?
[13:12:29] Jan Trutzschler says: yes well now the link works
[13:12:38] xgz c!k says: yes cannot load the link giss.tv:8000/transnational.mp3
[13:12:46] annemie maes says: me niether
[13:12:53] annemie maes says: neither haha
[13:12:56] xgz c!k says: anyone else can actually?
[13:13:09] Jan Trutzschler says: i can ...
[13:13:21] Jason Dixon says: Is Glasgow online?
[13:13:50] Matt Rogalsky says: Glasgow... oh yes they are not quite there yet
[13:14:01] Jason Dixon says: ok
[13:14:28] xgz c!k says: hey jan with what are you playing the final stream
[13:14:37] xgz c!k says: and can you send the url you are usng?
[13:15:02] cat hope says: ben what is your URL again
[13:15:06] Hicham says: giss.tv:8000/listen.m3u
[13:15:20] Jan Trutzschler says: we're streaming with nicecast at tag
[13:15:27] xgz c!k says: ok but on the website it is different that is why
[13:15:49] Hicham says: sorry mistake
[13:15:58] xgz c!k says: oops
[13:16:02] Hicham says: transnational.mp3 istad of listen
[13:16:09] Matt Rogalsky says: PLEASE TELL ME WHERE IS THE BAD URL
[13:16:54] xgz c!k says: www.mrogalsky.net/transnational and goto how to listen and click "here"
[13:18:35] xgz c!k says: annemie did you use the same link?
[13:19:21] Jan Trutzschler says: hey australia - you're so noisy
[13:19:47] xgz c!k says: hey again, can anyone who can connect tell me 1. what is the right url for the final stream and 2. what are they using to listen to it...
[13:19:50] Jan Trutzschler says: says Keir
[13:19:57] Matt Rogalsky says: xgz, I get the correct URL from that link!
[13:20:03] xgz c!k says: or is no one listening to the end hihi (ah serialism)
[13:20:14] xgz c!k says: what is your playback engine?
[13:20:26] cat hope says: no i cant seem to get the URL for the final stream to work!!!
[13:20:37] djensenius says: no one is listening to wesleyan
[13:20:44] cat hope says: is the AUstralian signal better?
[13:20:59] Matt Rogalsky says: Wesleyan: Vancouver is not awake yet
[13:21:09] djensenius says: aha!
[13:21:23] Matt Rogalsky says: I trust that Ben will arise and get on the case shortly
[13:21:51] P Schulze says: or family drama
[13:22:14] Matt Rogalsky says: (he's known for being late)
[13:22:36] xgz c!k says: we should invent an online alarm clock that wakes you up load half an hour before your online performance starts, and calculates the time differences automatically _ hey peter courtemanche made that for last art's birthday I remember so we only have to add the alarm feature
[13:22:51] Jan Trutzschler says: Anne just says she can hear us!
[13:22:58] xgz c!k says: ben should have it hihi
[13:23:21] xgz c!k says: with her mother's modem ahhh where are generation conflicts these days!
[13:23:38] Ben R says: i'm here//
[13:23:39] djensenius says: alvin will be listening, either from his office or the world music hall or both
[13:24:05] xgz c!k says: but can HE get the final result and how how how?
[13:24:39] Matt Rogalsky says: sorry Ben I was just slagging you!
[13:24:59] Matt Rogalsky says: in a gentle, good-natured way
[13:25:02] Hicham says: what time are we starting
[13:25:03] djensenius says: vancover, you getting us?
[13:25:05] Ben R says: naturally...
[13:25:14] Matt Rogalsky says: we start in 40 minutes
[13:25:28] Ben R says: i have some radiophonic interference on my mic. i'll fix it.
[13:26:39] cat hope says: i have lost the singal in Perth
[13:26:56] Ben R says: Cat if you're looking for me, i am tweaking things.
[13:26:58] Jan Trutzschler says: wir fangen jetzt doch erst um 15h an ...
[13:27:05] Ben R says: i'll have it stable in a few minutes.
[13:27:12] cat hope says: ok thanks for letting me know.... no worries.
[13:27:16] Jan Trutzschler says: soor wrong chat ; -)
[13:30:05] Ben R says: Cat - How's that?
[13:30:49] cat hope says: no signal
[13:31:29] P Schulze says: wer spricht denn deutsch hier?
[13:31:44] Jan Trutzschler says: jan im tag den haag
[13:31:59] cat hope says: bitte English!
[13:32:04] P Schulze says: okok
[13:32:15] Matt Rogalsky says: I just spoke with people in Glasgow.. they should be ready in a few minutes
[13:32:34] cat hope says: no signal in Perth
[13:32:52] Ben R says: I've started and stopped it a couple of times in setup here - can others receive me?
[13:33:03] P Schulze says: there is a bit ditortion somewere
[13:33:10] P Schulze says: distortion
[13:33:30] Matt Rogalsky says: Ben in Vancouver... I hear you OK
[13:33:42] Matt Rogalsky says: appears to be stable
[13:34:12] cat hope says: OK i have your singal now!
[13:34:49] Matt Rogalsky says: Good now we wait for Glasgow -- they don't have Skype up yet either and may not at all
[13:35:11] xgz c!k says: ok found out how to do it on macs to listen to the final stream
[13:35:36] Ben R says: Great, thanks Matt & Cat. I do have an asian radio station being picked up by my mic. Fun. Will switch it out.
[13:35:46] xgz c!k says: you start itunes and go to the advanced menu and open stream and paste giss.tv:8000/transnational.mp3 in there... ok? thanks _ anne told me
[13:35:54] xgz c!k says: she could listen to it this way
[13:36:33] cat hope says: your level is VERY low
[13:36:58] Matt Rogalsky says: HINT: if people are connecting directly to my originating stream, I may begin to have bandwidth problems
[13:37:25] cat hope says: the signal is very low.....very low. that could account for noise
[13:37:32] Ben R says: Cat - I am swapping out a mic, levels may change over the next 10 minutes. I won't let the stream drop though.
[13:37:35] Matt Rogalsky says: I am expecting only Glasgow to be listening
[13:37:42] xgz c!k says: cat whose level do you mean?
[13:37:58] cat hope says: the one coming frm Ben
[13:38:11] Daniel Halford says: what is this music we are hearing Jason
[13:38:37] Jason Dixon says: Evan Parker - from his 50th Birthday Concert
[13:39:04] P Schulze says: to i hear gamelan?
[13:39:16] P Schulze says: do
[13:39:27] Jason Dixon says: not from UEA!
[13:39:29] xgz c!k says: I am into punk these days
[13:39:44] djensenius says: i'm down with OPP
[13:40:07] Matt Rogalsky says: Glasgow is listening to me now....
[13:40:11] cat hope says: ok signal still VERY low from you BEN
[13:40:19] Jason Dixon says: are Glasgow streaming?
[13:40:29] Matt Rogalsky says: Glasgow not streaming yet I don't think
[13:41:53] Matt Rogalsky says: Kristi are you back yet?
[13:41:56] cat hope says: we have the speaker and the mic outside in the night air, so if the signal is going to be this low i need to know, and wil change our strategy
[13:42:18] Matt Rogalsky says: oh my goodness Cat, outside?
[13:42:31] Ben R says: Cat - how are the levels from me now? Mics stable, can give you more if you want.
[13:42:43] EMS Queen's University says: yes ...i'm back....
[13:42:43] Matt Rogalsky says: Cat: it is meant to be in a room
[13:42:50] Matt Rogalsky says: that's in the score anyway...
[13:43:21] Matt Rogalsky says: outside is nice idea but not much resonance
[13:43:22] xgz c!k says: maybe we should do a round at 1445 to see what is up and down at each node?
[13:43:35] Matt Rogalsky says: re 1445: good idea
[13:43:42] Hicham says: goo idea
[13:43:45] cat hope says: My interepretation of the room has an Australian bent, alot of our 'rooms' happen outdoors no matter what as the weather is good.....
[13:43:50] cat hope says: but i can change it if you want.
[13:43:51] EMS Queen's University says: i'm up for it..
[13:44:00] cat hope says: If i keep it this way i need you to krank it up Ben
[13:44:02] Matt Rogalsky says: OK Cat!
[13:44:27] Ben R says: Cat - Levels going up, let me know.
[13:45:15] cat hope says: i though Alvin might appreciate that.
[13:45:21] P Schulze says: kristi is everything fine?
[13:45:23] Matt Rogalsky says: Glasgow is now streaming - same URL as yesterday
[13:45:29] cat hope says: hmm need more. If thats not possible we may have to move it into our room
[13:45:31] Matt Rogalsky says: give it a try Dan
[13:45:36] P Schulze says: got some dropouts
[13:45:50] EMS Queen's University says: had some drop outs... seems okay now
[13:45:56] P Schulze says: cool
[13:46:29] Jason Dixon says: I can't get Glasgow - looks like fir
[13:46:35] Jason Dixon says: firewall
[13:46:58] cat hope says: How is the signal for you Hisham?
[13:47:09] Jason Dixon says: can anyone else get it?
[13:47:17] Matt Rogalsky says: Jason -- I got Glasgow OK
[13:47:19] Hicham says: perfect
[13:47:53] Ben R says: Cat -- I've got it up to pushing close to distortion if we get any loud sounds down the pipe. I'm adding a fair bit of gain vs. what I'm receiving.
[13:48:21] Jason Dixon says: got it now
[13:49:05] Daniel Halford says: is that what you are sending me now?
[13:49:14] Jason Dixon says: yep
[13:49:15] Matt Rogalsky says: hey I think we have EVERYTHING UP AND RUNNING, am I right?
[13:49:17] Daniel Halford says: cool
[13:49:29] Daniel Halford says: UH standing by...
[13:49:36] cat hope says: ok there are some pretty rude sounds coming through.
[13:49:41] EMS Queen's University says: yeah!!!!!
[13:49:44] cat hope says: but BEn that level is OK
[13:49:46] Jason Dixon says: UEA ready
[13:49:51] Matt Rogalsky says: who's making rude noises?
[13:49:59] annemie maes says: guy, do you get us well?
[13:50:13] EMS Queen's University says: phillip, hope im coming thru okay....
[13:50:14] cat hope says: well, its distorition of some kind - dont know where its coming from
[13:50:22] Ben R says: Great, Cat -- I don't know what our delay is. The increases I've been doing might only now be getting to you.
[13:50:36] P Schulze says: maybe everybody send if he is receiving in the original order - than we know
[13:50:42] Ben R says: Cat - I have to turn down a touch, I will distort.
[13:50:44] cat hope says: you can hear if on the giss.tv final
[13:50:46] annemie maes says: hello bratislava -- are we coming through well?
[13:50:47] cat hope says: sure OK
[13:51:13] EMS Queen's University says: ok iturned mine down slightly ... hopefully im still coming thru.....
[13:51:31] P Schulze says: your signal was fine kristi
[13:51:44] Matt Rogalsky says: EVERYBODY NEEDS TO WATCH INPUT LEVELS (of course)
[13:51:47] cat hope says: there are some strong distortion comng through, since the last 5-10 mins
[13:51:52] Daniel Halford says: shout "Matt" or something so we can all hear you comming through...
[13:52:03] Daniel Halford says: -m
[13:52:04] Matt Rogalsky says: I am going to stand by the mic and speak to y'all
[13:52:12] P Schulze says: we have a special guest sitting here - mr lucier
[13:52:21] djensenius says: got some distortion there too
[13:52:45] Daniel Halford says: distortion
[13:52:49] Ben R says: Cat, I changed a mic on a stand that also held a live mic. It will have rattled a lot.
[13:52:52] Daniel Halford says: better
[13:52:55] Ben R says: Could that be it?
[13:53:00] cat hope says: ok i hear someone talking...
[13:53:02] EMS Queen's University says: im getting distortion as well
[13:53:02] Jason Dixon says: I got distortion too
[13:53:16] Hicham says: distortion
[13:53:18] annemie maes says: me too, but that's normal :) no?
[13:53:20] xgz c!k says: too much distortion - someone is clipping on the way to here
[13:53:26] cat hope says: yep.
[13:53:27] Daniel Halford says: Glasgow
[13:53:33] xgz c!k says: check receiving and output signals ahhh
[13:53:50] annemie maes says: in brussels ok
[13:53:57] cat hope says: Ben - are you getting distorition on your singal?
[13:54:16] Jason Dixon says: Can Glasgow turn down their signal a bit?
[13:54:56] Ben R says: Check.
[13:55:03] Daniel Halford says: Check
[13:55:08] EMS Queen's University says: check
[13:55:15] Jason Dixon says: check
[13:55:32] P Schulze says: welseyan gets it from queens uni - so this seems right
[13:55:40] xgz c!k says: getting a very low input now from brussels
[13:55:57] Matt Rogalsky says: DID EVERYONE HEAR ME SPEAKING HERE?
[13:55:58] cat hope says: ok Matt if you are worried about the noise (which is full of cicada;s) do want me to bring it inside????
[13:56:04] cat hope says: i heard you speaking
[13:56:09] Jason Dixon says: yes, but it is distorting
[13:56:12] Daniel Halford says: yes, but distorted
[13:56:22] EMS Queen's University says: yup distorted
[13:56:25] xgz c!k says: no distortion here yet
[13:56:26] Matt Rogalsky says: Cat if the cicadas are very loud then I wouls say yes bring it inside
[13:56:28] Daniel Halford says: Glasgow is distorting the signal
[13:56:34] cat hope says: i hear the voice but super reverberant
[13:56:48] Ben R says: Not hearing distortion here either, must be softened by the time it gets to me?
[13:57:06] Ben R says: Stepping away for 1 minute.
[13:57:09] Daniel Halford says: assuming it is ok when leaving edinburgh
[13:57:30] P Schulze says: kristi; there is not a lot sound going on or?
[13:57:34] cat hope says: the distortion has stopped now.
[13:57:45] xgz c!k says: here too
[13:57:54] Jason Dixon says: there is not much going on at the minute
[13:58:02] Daniel Halford says: aye
[13:58:19] xgz c!k says: I hear annemie and guy talking but not matt
[13:58:26] Daniel Halford says: distortion
[13:58:39] cat hope says: lots of feedback starting...
[13:58:50] xgz c!k says: here ok but over-reverb/feedback
[13:59:00] Daniel Halford says: distortion getting better
[13:59:04] EMS Queen's University says: no .. ... but i turned everything up a bit so it should be louder
[13:59:17] Jason Dixon says: yep, that's better
[13:59:28] P Schulze says: i hear your keyboard in the mix - we have to be carefully
[13:59:35] xgz c!k says: distortion here again
[13:59:41] P Schulze says: typing I mean
[13:59:50] Daniel Halford says: better
[13:59:54] cat hope says: thats much better volume wise now.
[13:59:56] Jason Dixon says: that's much better at UEA
[14:00:01] Daniel Halford says: much better
[14:00:15] Jason Dixon says: I can hear Matt ok - Simon says he sounds beautiful
[14:00:21] cat hope says: we have had to turn it down here in Perth
[14:00:41] Matt Rogalsky says: i LOOK beautiful too
[14:00:53] cat hope says: we want pictures!
[14:00:56] Jason Dixon says: :)
[14:01:25] xgz c!k says: bratislava is getting distortion from brussels when matt lebeau talks - can he do it again please and brussels do you read me?
[14:01:33] P Schulze says: the silence before the start
[14:01:38] cat hope says: OK matt are you happy with the final product? Is there anything you want us to tweak?
[14:01:44] annemie maes says: yes i read you
[14:01:47] Matt Rogalsky says: I am going to address the mic again
[14:01:49] EMS Queen's University says: its quiet out there
[14:01:52] annemie maes says: we adapted levels
[14:02:04] annemie maes says: is it ok now?
[14:02:08] Matt Rogalsky says: Cat -- it is hard for me to tell what is "right" about the end product!
[14:02:17] xgz c!k says: ok better now
[14:02:18] cat hope says: lots of ambient noise coming to perth
[14:02:28] cat hope says: right ..for you!
[14:02:35] Ben R says: i'm back
[14:03:01] cat hope says: a real variety in levels at the moment - makes it hard to set the right level....
[14:03:29] annemie maes says: we're not clipping but when matt talks it's suddenly very loud
[14:04:03] cat hope says: aha so thats what it is...it is unrecognisable as voice down here in Perth
[14:04:09] xgz c!k says: is ontario region getting the stream ok from the slovak nation?
[14:04:19] EMS Queen's University says: yes thankyou
[14:04:32] xgz c!k says: hihi
[14:04:34] Ben R says: Cat I'm reading loud levels to you, not touching them at this point.
[14:04:40] cat hope says: hey slovaks say hi to Michel Murin from Cat!
[14:04:54] cat hope says: Ben - it all sounds ok now
[14:05:03] xgz c!k says: he is not here but will be seeing him soon
[14:05:04] cat hope says: are we ready to start?
[14:05:25] EMS Queen's University says: im ready
[14:05:33] P Schulze says: ready
[14:05:34] xgz c!k says: me too
[14:05:39] djensenius says: check
[14:05:39] annemie maes says: we too!
[14:05:44] cat hope says: ready and going here in Perth
[14:05:51] Daniel Halford says: ready at UH
[14:06:00] Jason Dixon says: ready at UEA
[14:06:00] Matt Rogalsky says: OK here we go!!!!
[14:06:53] Hicham says: ready
[14:09:30] Ben R says: Cat i have to dial back level a few db. seems ok now
[14:09:46] cat hope says: its ok we have had to roll back a bit too.
[14:09:54] xgz c!k says: bratislava getting distortion from brussels
[14:10:07] annemie maes says: we have also distortion
[14:10:16] P Schulze says: yep we too
[14:10:18] annemie maes says: anyway, no clipping here
[14:10:24] xgz c!k says: check back in the chain quick
[14:10:26] EMS Queen's University says: distortion here too
[14:10:43] xgz c!k says: yes but queens comes after me who is before brussels?
[14:10:59] Daniel Halford says: I am, and I have backed it off
[14:11:00] annemie maes says: dan
[14:11:04] xgz c!k says: dan?
[14:11:17] xgz c!k says: seems to be better in the silent passages of course
[14:11:21] EMS Queen's University says: much better
[14:11:37] cat hope says: we get beautiful rounded sounds and a bit of hiss here in Perth.
[14:11:49] Jan Trutzschler says: we're getting only silence
[14:11:59] annemie maes says: strange!
[14:12:14] Jan Trutzschler says: checking now ..
[14:12:18] annemie maes says: we have very nice sounds
[14:12:25] cat hope says: Jan are you at ???
[14:12:28] Jan Trutzschler says: yes
[14:12:38] Jan Trutzschler says: now i hear something
[14:12:38] P Schulze says: nice here
[14:12:55] Jan Trutzschler says: ok now we're in
[14:12:55] xgz c!k says: check the prev in the chain come on!
[14:13:03] cat hope says: Jan we are sending the singal, lound and clear........
[14:13:16] Hicham says: we are on
[14:14:36] P Schulze says: ben is the signal clear?
[14:15:01] cat hope says: Hi Herr Schulze i am after Ben and it is a good signal
[14:15:39] Ben R says: Yes I'm getting good signal.
[14:15:50] P Schulze says: ok nice! Danke Frau Hope
[14:15:55] xgz c!k says: what is good these days ahh
[14:15:58] cat hope says: bitte
[14:16:08] xgz c!k says: genau
[14:16:12] xgz c!k says: clips
[14:16:27] cat hope says: is anyone listening to the final stream???
I am curious as its hard to differentiate in here
[14:16:53] annemie maes says: i don't dare to open 1 more thing in my computer...
[14:17:03] djensenius says: i'm making archive of what wesleyan is sending....
[14:17:14] annemie maes says: we are also archiving brussels
[14:17:24] djensenius says: and ihave two listeners now... ?
[14:17:28] Daniel Halford says: UH is archiving
[14:17:49] P Schulze says: Herr und Frau Lucier
[14:17:52] Hicham says: we are recording
[14:18:04] Ben R says: i am recording.
[14:19:45] Jason Dixon says: UEA is recording, although we missed the 1st 10 minutes or so!
[14:19:55] Jan Trutzschler says: we're recording our stream @tag
[14:20:00] xgz c!k says: this clipped
[14:20:26] xgz c!k says: I never record, it may end up in a museum or galery one day
[14:20:31] EMS Queen's University says: dropout
[14:20:38] djensenius says: dropout
[14:20:38] djensenius says: back
[14:20:40] djensenius says: out
[14:20:50] EMS Queen's University says: no sound
[14:21:05] xgz c!k says: I am checking on the server and here it is continuous going up
[14:21:12] cat hope says: only room sound and hiss coming to perth
[14:21:27] Ben R says: likewise
[14:21:32] annemie maes says: we're still ok
[14:21:32] Ben R says: in vancouver
[14:21:36] EMS Queen's University says: still no sound incoming
[14:21:36] Jason Dixon says: uea is ok
[14:21:44] Daniel Halford says: uh ok
[14:21:54] Ben R says: Bratislava?
[14:21:57] xgz c!k says: but it is going there... I have sound going out and the connection is working
[14:22:08] cat hope says: ok we are getting some car horns or something??
[14:22:16] EMS Queen's University says: i still have no sound incoming
[14:22:35] P Schulze says: but a coonection?
[14:22:42] Jason Dixon says: dan, are you getting an ok signal from me?
[14:22:49] Daniel Halford says: yup
[14:22:52] Jason Dixon says: great
[14:23:09] djensenius says: how is it in bratislava?
[14:23:13] Daniel Halford says: annemie, is my signal good?
[14:23:18] xgz c!k says: checked everything and the connection stream.okno.be:8000/bratislava.m3u is still up and I am def sending sound can return it myself from the server try to connect again if you dropped out
[14:23:30] EMS Queen's University says: still no incoming signal...should i try another stream/
[14:23:50] djensenius says: try to reconnect to same stream
[14:23:52] Ben R says: I can pick up Bratislava
[14:24:05] xgz c!k says: really kristi I am checking my sig from the server and it is up
[14:24:11] xgz c!k says: with sound so try to reconnect
[14:24:17] xgz c!k says: quickly
[14:24:53] EMS Queen's University says: ok im back
[14:25:00] xgz c!k says: ooofff
[14:25:04] djensenius says: sound is back
[14:25:05] P Schulze says: good!
[14:25:18] P Schulze says: comes clear through
[14:25:23] xgz c!k says: may be a dopout between brussels server and canada
[14:25:45] cat hope says: back in now
[14:25:46] annemie maes says: yes -- it's a long way :)
[14:25:58] xgz c!k says: good we don't have to walk it
[14:26:21] Ben R says: I was receiving Bratislava in Vancouver ok. And anyway rather enjoyed the quiet room rustlings and keyboard tappings...
[14:26:33] xgz c!k says: I sent already 113000 kilobytes to the server
[14:27:00] annemie maes says: we 109000
[14:27:08] djensenius says: how can you tell?
[14:27:12] annemie maes says: shoutcast
[14:27:28] djensenius says: aha
[14:27:31] P Schulze says: david i thought you are a nerd -
[14:27:42] xgz c!k says: well I am encoding in max and with the shoutcast~ object it tells you on the left output
[14:27:49] djensenius says: i will hang my head in shame
[14:27:50] cat hope says: hope you are enjoying the cicada....its in the Fragapani tree with the mic...and there are a few people sitting having a drink or too.. its a lovley autumn night here in Perth, everyone is outside, in thier outside 'living rooms' drinking beer.....
[14:28:16] Daniel Halford says: photo?
[14:28:19] xgz c!k says: that is why the distortion is gone: too relaxed in perth
[14:28:25] annemie maes says: we just havin coffee and tea in rainy brussels
[14:29:05] annemie maes says: we should step over to wine maybe?
[14:29:36] P Schulze says: here it is becoming a nice day with dounts and coffee
[14:30:16] cat hope says: i wanna milch cafe!
[14:30:24] xgz c!k says: nothing can beat slovak white wine in the afternoon
[14:30:41] xgz c!k says: clips now
[14:30:46] cat hope says: very true.
[14:30:46] Ben R says: it's time for a coffee here too. think i drew the short straw on the west coast.
[14:31:05] cat hope says: we are very comfy here at 9.30pm in Perth
[14:31:20] annemie maes says: 15.27 brussels
[14:31:23] xgz c!k says: no beer or wine leftovers from yesterday?
[14:31:42] P Schulze says: 9:28AM East coast US
[14:31:42] Hicham says: tea?
[14:31:43] xgz c!k says: same in bratislava and south africa, oops they are not in
[14:31:53] Ben R says: 6:30AM Vancouver
[14:32:11] P Schulze says: wow
[14:32:13] Hicham says: 3:27PM The Hague
[14:32:14] Jan Trutzschler says: shh
[14:32:15] xgz c!k says: ben get back to bed it is running fine now
[14:32:16] annemie maes says: oh help! you had to get up early!
[14:32:35] EMS Queen's University says: 9:30 am in Kingston Canada
[14:32:40] Jason Dixon says: 2.30pm in Norwich. But the year is 1970.
[14:32:55] annemie maes says: great!
[14:33:09] xgz c!k says: I have a skoda from 1979 so your computer is even older
[14:33:12] Hicham says: that's before I was born, wow
[14:33:13] P Schulze says: ha! premier of the piece
[14:33:31] P Schulze says: hope not before it was written
[14:33:40] xgz c!k says: hicham even my skoda is older than you
[14:33:52] annemie maes says: is it still driving ok?
[14:34:01] Hicham says: there are a lot of thingd older than me
[14:34:04] djensenius says: kristi, can i have your ip?
[14:34:05] Jason Dixon says: I'm getting silence
[14:34:11] Daniel Halford says: end?
[14:34:12] annemie maes says: we too
[14:34:15] Jan Trutzschler says: i think i grew up with that kind of skoda
[14:34:21] xgz c!k says: well starter motor gave up yesterday but will clean it with nafta in the weekend
[14:34:22] Ben R says: Re: early - Perhaps the price of being a blood relative... i will try and rustle up a coffee - oh spoke too soon.
[14:34:26] annemie maes says: only room sounds
[14:34:29] xgz c!k says: getting sound still
[14:34:33] xgz c!k says: from brussels
[14:34:36] djensenius says: room sounds now here
[14:34:38] Jason Dixon says: just room sound
[14:34:41] Jan Trutzschler says: i wasn\'t allowed to make any noises back in the car - my parents always thought it was broken
[14:34:41] xgz c!k says: but low volume
[14:34:44] Daniel Halford says: room tone
[14:34:51] EMS Queen's University says:
[14:35:08] annemie maes says: matt?
[14:35:08] cat hope says: ok the volume has dropped.....its still there but very low
[14:35:30] annemie maes says: ok it starts again
[14:35:30] Jason Dixon says: ok, got sound again
[14:35:38] Daniel Halford says: aye
[14:35:39] P Schulze says: coming back - or not?
[14:35:44] xgz c!k says: I hate silent pieces I am in punk these days
[14:35:49] xgz c!k says: hihi
[14:35:49] EMS Queen's University says: ive got sound
[14:35:54] P Schulze says: (rock)
[14:35:59] Ben R says: it's all coming back now
[14:36:00] xgz c!k says: yes it is coming back
[14:36:07] annemie maes says: punk, goes well together with the year of your car!
[14:36:16] xgz c!k says: also with its sound
[14:36:23] djensenius says: everyone get the traceroutes?
[14:36:31] cat hope says: just arriving here now
[14:37:12] djensenius says: ack, people walked in
[14:37:23] cat hope says: i can hear it!
[14:38:12] djensenius says: alvin's on the situation!
[14:38:24] Ben R says: back in a few minutes. without caffeine i may suffer a few dropouts of my own.
[14:38:49] Ben R says: levels seem good, network seems stable here
[14:39:08] xgz c!k says: the wine is from pezinok
[14:39:14] cat hope says: Ben we are getting a good stable signal from you. Watch those drop outs!
[14:39:36] xgz c!k says: Jan Trutzschler where are you from?
[14:40:27] Jan Trutzschler says: munich germany
[14:40:46] cat hope says: beautiful feedback!
[14:40:47] xgz c!k says: played there at t-u-b-e gallery
[14:40:50] Jan Trutzschler says: & u
[14:41:13] Jan Trutzschler says: haven't been ther for ages - now in the hague
[14:41:35] xgz c!k says: belgian going into cultural asylum in slovakia and central europe, west is too spoiled and predictable
[14:41:36] annemie maes says: sonology?
[14:42:03] xgz c!k says: no TAG!
[14:42:13] Jan Trutzschler says: yo
[14:42:20] xgz c!k says: I mean, no not sonology, TAG!
[14:43:24] annemie maes says: west is too spoiled and predictable -- but has its advantages too
[14:43:42] Hicham says: starting a nice thread here
[14:43:57] xgz c!k says: there are as many and few good pieces in east and west
[14:44:19] Daniel Halford says: and where do Skoda's fit in this?
[14:44:48] xgz c!k says: well _ not only skoda, also bat'a shoes hihi
[14:44:56] Jan Trutzschler says: the show what's happening to the east
[14:45:08] xgz c!k says: again clips
[14:45:55] annemie maes says: anyone an idea how many people are listening?
[14:46:10] Hicham says: no, feeeeedback here
[14:48:13] xgz c!k says: not here so...
[14:48:44] xgz c!k says: apres nous le déluge
[14:50:05] djensenius says: just took a listen of the final stream, sounds really nice
[14:50:14] cat hope says: great
[14:50:23] cat hope says: some nice bassy sounds now
[14:50:37] P Schulze says: yeah
[14:50:43] xgz c!k says: 15 minutes to go? or till when?
[14:51:08] P Schulze says: no - it is a h 13 min to go
[14:51:32] xgz c!k says: if timezones had a different length would it make a difference?
[14:51:31] P Schulze says: 1 h + 13 min -
[14:51:45] xgz c!k says: oh no here we go again...
[14:51:50] cat hope says: is this a one hour or 2 hour thing?????
[14:51:56] Jason Dixon says: Has it started? ;)
[14:52:16] xgz c!k says: depends on your location, internet always knows!
[14:52:24] Daniel Halford says: you have 37 yeears still to wait
[14:52:40] Daniel Halford says: -e
[14:52:54] xgz c!k says: 1970-2007?
[14:53:05] Daniel Halford says: aye
[14:54:05] xgz c!k says: but it wouldn't be too difficult to send it into the net and let it circulate there for 37 years now and then pick it up again in 2044, hicham can do it he is young enough
[14:54:29] annemie maes says: he! this would be nice!
[14:54:34] cat hope says: ok so who hit the MAC error key!
[14:54:49] P Schulze says: not here!
[14:54:54] Jason Dixon says: not here
[14:55:19] djensenius says: notit
[14:55:22] Daniel Halford says: I would only be 61...
[14:55:29] Jan Trutzschler says: apple sound designer makes its way into Alvin's piece ...
[14:55:45] djensenius says: happens all the time... ;)
[14:55:49] Daniel Halford says: it's what he would have wanted
[14:56:03] xgz c!k says: hey it was not here sooooooo _
[14:56:12] cat hope says: againg!!!
[14:56:17] cat hope says: again
[14:56:19] P Schulze says: ...
[14:56:22] annemie maes says: ???
[14:56:32] xgz c!k says: actually bringing in the stream on a debian machine and that is a different design
[14:56:44] xgz c!k says: has to happen after bratislava
[14:56:55] P Schulze says: for sure
[14:56:56] djensenius says: at wesleyan, not getting it here
[14:57:08] djensenius says: does ben have a cat?
[14:57:21] Ben R says: i'm back. coffee in hand.
[14:57:23] Ben R says: a cat?
[14:57:34] Ben R says: is that a riddle?
[14:57:36] djensenius says: jumping on your keyboard, making the mac beeps
[14:57:37] xgz c!k says: does your cat miau like a mac?
[14:57:47] cat hope says: hey - we have a cat here!!!!
[14:57:59] P Schulze says: we balme it on the cat
[14:58:03] xgz c!k says: we could circulate the cat also for 37 years on the net
[14:58:41] cat hope says: i didnt mean me - i meant one more furry than me
[14:58:56] annemie maes says: matt is running out --- no climax to come?
[14:59:02] cat hope says: can someone tell me when we are due to finish
[14:59:15] Ben R says: on the net, you can be as furry as you want to be.
[14:59:27] djensenius says: dropout
[14:59:43] Jason Dixon says: ok at uea
[14:59:48] P Schulze says: rebuffering here...
[14:59:50] xgz c!k says: bratislava is reporting no errors
[14:59:50] annemie maes says: in brussels ok
[14:59:57] P Schulze says: back again
[14:59:58] Ben R says: ok
[15:00:03] xgz c!k says: sure since I am after brussels ahh
[15:00:10] annemie maes says: he he
[15:00:30] djensenius says: now just room noise?
[15:00:35] xgz c!k says: it stopped? matt?????
[15:00:43] Jason Dixon says: still going - bird noises
[15:00:44] Daniel Halford says: still gong at UH
[15:00:50] Daniel Halford says: going
[15:01:05] xgz c!k says: gone in bratislava _ brussels?
[15:01:07] cat hope says: no its back
[15:01:24] xgz c!k says: shit brussels dropped out!
[15:01:49] Daniel Halford says: my listener has gone...
[15:01:23] annemie maes says: everythings gone!
[15:01:35] annemie maes says: cannot get dan's stream anymore, it's silent
[15:01:58] xgz c!k says: hey what is happening in brussels?
[15:02:03] xgz c!k says: the stream is off hte server
[15:02:16] xgz c!k says: no your stream stopped it is not on the server anymore
[15:02:18] Daniel Halford says: its still here and up...
[15:02:30] Daniel Halford says: and someone has connedted
[15:02:34] xgz c!k says: ok back again
[15:02:40] EMS Queen's University says: im not getting any sound either
[15:02:46] xgz c!k says: the stream is back but no sound
[15:02:51] annemie maes says: here all ok again
[15:03:02] Daniel Halford says: goodo
[15:03:11] annemie maes says: guy, do you get us now?
[15:03:15] xgz c!k says: no way I am getting no sound from brussels on their stream
[15:03:30] P Schulze says: maybe go one adress before
[15:03:37] P Schulze says: that
[15:03:46] xgz c!k says: no no getting the stream and there is silence in it
[15:03:53] P Schulze says: buts already over
[15:03:55] P Schulze says: or?
[15:03:57] Jason Dixon says: nope
[15:04:00] xgz c!k says: matt?
[15:04:01] Jason Dixon says: still going
[15:04:02] cat hope says: yep no signal. Is it over??
[15:04:07] annemie maes says: hey, we are streamin'
[15:04:07] Daniel Halford says: still going here
[15:04:12] cat hope says: Matt do you want us all to diconnect?
[15:04:16] xgz c!k says: do you have sound annemie?
[15:04:17] djensenius says: we are recieving and sending, but getting room noise
[15:04:21] Jason Dixon says: No, it's still going
[15:04:24] annemie maes says: yes, all ok in bxl
[15:04:26] Daniel Halford says: still going
[15:04:29] Ben R says: cat there's another hour yet
[15:04:32] xgz c!k says: backkkkkk!
[15:04:36] Jason Dixon says: applause now
[15:04:53] Jason Dixon says: finished?
[15:04:57] Daniel Halford says: I guess so
[15:05:03] Ben R says: hearing no applause here...
[15:05:04] P Schulze says: back
[15:05:05] cat hope says: ok.....there seems a bit of confusion about the length as well as the start time. I am sure Matt said one hour. BEn?
[15:05:11] xgz c!k says: I am getting sound and no applause
[15:05:14] Daniel Halford says: its finnishing now
[15:05:15] annemie maes says: it's over
[15:05:21] Ben R says: It's back.
[15:05:22] Daniel Halford says: but not quite yet
[15:05:22] cat hope says: Alriggghtt!!!
[15:05:33] P Schulze says: wow
[15:05:36] djensenius says: that was neat
[15:05:42] Hicham says: should we applause
[15:05:45] Daniel Halford says: yes
[15:05:47] annemie maes says: is he doing a talk now?
[15:05:53] Daniel Halford says: yes
[15:05:53] xgz c!k says: haha _ what is applause in this chain _ sound?
[15:05:56] annemie maes says: don't understand anything of it
[15:05:58] xgz c!k says: oops music?
[15:06:00] Daniel Halford says: not very clear
[15:06:06] Ben R says: the show continues
[15:06:16] Matt Rogalsky says: hey folks!
[15:06:20] Daniel Halford says: eeee
[15:06:21] xgz c!k says: yes?
[15:06:23] annemie maes says: nice matt!
[15:06:25] Matt Rogalsky says: thank you so much, I think it worked pretty well!
[15:06:27] P Schulze says: hey
[15:06:32] djensenius says: cool
[15:06:35] xgz c!k says: you are still performing? hihi
[15:06:41] cat hope says: Matt you still going or is that everyone freejamming
[15:06:47] EMS Queen's University says: hey this was greqat lets do it again some time.......
[15:06:52] Hicham says: should we jam?
[15:06:53] annemie maes says: go on with the voices
[15:06:53] Jason Dixon says: who is eric?
[15:07:48] xgz c!k says: he is gone
[15:08:06] annemie maes says: my file is 58.55, so it was not 60 minutes!
[15:08:16] xgz c!k says: hey have to go _ how do we stop _ one after the other or all together
[15:08:27] xgz c!k says: it is your timezone that shortens the file
[15:08:32] cat hope says: we need a voice of authority to say its over
[15:08:34] djensenius says: we need a roaring ovation first?
[15:08:37] annemie maes says: if you go, than it's gone halfway
[15:08:42] djensenius says: transnationally broadcast even
[15:08:43] Ben R says: i am still receiving sounds
[15:09:03] Daniel Halford says: okey dokey
[15:09:08] xgz c!k says: ne no we can do it too _ we can stop or not but have to decide together
[15:09:16] cat hope says: right
[15:09:22] xgz c!k says: so back to the thread of politics and arts?
[15:09:33] Daniel Halford says: UH must sign off now, because this room is booked
[15:09:36] Hicham says: why not some music
[15:09:51] Jason Dixon says: ok, then UEA will sign off too
[15:09:58] xgz c!k says: have to go shopping tonight making some real slovak strudl'a
[15:10:04] Daniel Halford says: Thanks UEA, good stream
[15:10:09] Daniel Halford says: bye all
[15:10:13] cat hope says: haha room bookings, firewalls its not easy being in a uni is it. I had to escape to get it to work!
[15:10:13] EMS Queen's University says: okay...signing off now ...bye everyone! thnaks!!!!
[15:10:14] P Schulze says: bye
[15:10:15] xgz c!k says: hey thanks Matt
[15:10:16] Jason Dixon says: thanks everyone!
[15:10:30] annemie maes says: bye and thanks!
[15:10:30] Ben R says: OK, thanks all. I will stay up for a bit, no-one rushing into the space quite yet....
[15:10:31] Jason Dixon says: And well done Matt from me & Simon!
[15:10:32] xgz c!k says: switching off now and see you later ok? where do we meet?
[15:10:33] cat hope says: thanks all, great fun. Let me know when you do it again!
[15:10:39] xgz c!k says: in what timezone?
[15:11:00] annemie maes says: sonner than you think...
[15:11:09] Jan Trutzschler says: we can meet at the supercollider symposium in the hague: 18-23 september ;- }
[15:11:25] djensenius says: stopped wes stream
[15:11:33] P Schulze says: that was nice - thanks
[15:11:36] annemie maes says: stopped brussels too
[15:11:43] Hicham says: tnx see ya
[15:11:46] djensenius says: thanks everyone, that was superfun!
[15:11:48] Jason Dixon says: Ok, bye everyone. See you at the SC Symposium, Jan!
[15:11:49] Ben R says: stopped Vancouver
[15:11:57] Jan Trutzschler says: cheers
[15:12:07] P Schulze says: matt -you will get some photos later
[15:12:44] annemie maes says: we uploaded some pics from brussels
[15:12:47] annemie maes says: so-on.annemariemaes.net/?id=859
[15:13:50] Matt Rogalsky says: EVErYBODY THANKS AGAIN!
[15:13:57] Matt Rogalsky says: I have to tend to some other things here
[15:14:01] Matt Rogalsky says: but more later...
[15:14:04] Ben R says: You're welcome Matt, lots of fun.
[15:14:10] Matt Rogalsky says: send me your postal addresses!!
[15:15:54] Jan Trutzschler says: ok stopped the recording and its already in a gallery ...
[15:16:01] annemie maes says: we will! thanks again! a very nice experience...



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